Thursday, 21 April 2016

THE Place to Visit in London & Meeting the Cast of Zoolander.

While in London, I think it's safe to say that I did my fair share of exploring. I visited all the local tourist spots, like Buckingham Palace, but also discovered some secret hidden gems, like The Sky Garden. Well, I wouldn't exactly call it hidden, as it's one of the tallest buildings in London, and it's practically fully-booked every hour that it's open, but not many people seem to talk about it. Though there is always a queue (there are also searches and metal detectors), it is 100% worth it. Once you reach the top, you are greeted with a 360ยบ view of London; St Paul's, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, The Shard and more. It's quite ironic that it's located near The Shard, given the fact that both have the exact same views, they just range in price, with The Sky Garden being free and The Shard being, well, ridiculously over-priced. You're free to spend as much time at The Sky Garden as you like. There are mini cafe areas (I'd go just for the carrot cupcakes with vanilla frosting), plenty of seating (both inside and out) and even restaurants, both for food and champagne. I'd imagine them to be a great place for a party, and a great place to take blog photos, as I think I've proven with this post...

I was also lucky enough to bump into my favourite instagrammers and YouTubers. I do seem to have a knack for bumping into famous people. My particular favourite was SliceOfMatt, who even took some photos for me. After my trip to The Sky Garden, it was on to St Paul's, which is just a short walk away. Though I didn't go inside ($$$), it is still one of my favourite buildings in London, especially on a sunny day. Then it was back on the tube home, but not before a quick stop of at Picadilly Circus, where I decided to head to Gazelli Spa, only to see that it was the Zoolander 2 premiere, where I managed to meet Ben Stiller, Penelope Cruz, Kristin Wigg and a few other members of the cast! Unfortunately most of the photos are on my phone and I can't find the file they're in to send them to my phone, but I do have one included that I managed to get with Ben the first time I met him. All in all, I think you could say I had a day to remember!

Have any of you ever been to The Sky Garden?
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