Sunday, 19 June 2016

Nail Polish: The Collection.

It's safe to say that I own a lot of nail varnish, and that's after having a clear out. I have a giant box and a big bag full of the stuff. I'm not one of those people that buys or collects things and then never uses them though. I always have both my toe and finger nails painted. I like to thing of it as a way of expressing myself or to add colour to an outfit. How about we look through my collection?

The Reds and Pinks: I didn't realise that I had so many similar reds and pinks, but I like to think that, though they are so similar, they are also very different... Or at least that's what I'll be telling my friends and family when they see this and sit me down to tell me I have a problem... Having to decide which ones to bring with me to England & Australia was definitely a challenge. I miss the rest already.

The Blues: I'm sure all bloggers and vloggers understand just how hard it is to photograph and film nail varnish. The colours never come out exactly how they are in real life. The one first is a bright turquoise, perfect for the Summer. The second is an electric blue, a colour that has been doing the rounds at Fashion Week. The last is a gorgeous glittery midnight blue colour, which I'm going to crack out during the coldest months. The last two are actually quite similar once they're on the pale, so I sometimes like to add the glittery one on top of one nail on each hand.

The Greys and the Glitters: These are probably my most worn nail varnishes, especially the nude, the dark grey and the gold glittery one. These are all nail polishes that I'll be sporting over the next few months as I find them to be great for the festive season, yellow nail polish excluded.

Care: It's only recently that I've started to look after my nails. Constantly having my nails painted was beginning to take it's tole - they were yellowing from having worn dark colours and  also starting to peel, so I decided it was time to take action and put my base and top coats to good use.

RIMMEL: Though I love Rimmel make-up, I'm not a massive fan of their nail varnishes. My favourite of these is the reformulated 60 Seconds Super Shine furthest to the right, mainly because I love the colour so much. The yellow is from Rita Ora's range and it's slightly more opaque than the one I own from KIKO, so it's more suited to the Spring (think pastel yellow), but it's also not as long-lasting and it takes quite a few coats until you get an even finish. 

CLAIRE'S: It's been a long time since I bought anything from Claire's. In fact, these were probably bought years and years ago, maybe even back when I lived in England, which was almost eight years ago. Though I probably should get rid of these, as I never actually wear either of them and remember the black colour to be awful to get off, I reckon they're good colours for Halloween.

DELIPLUS: Though not many people will have heard of this brand, the Spanish know and love it. It's a brand sold in Spanish supermarkets throughout the country, but they're actually really good. Despite it being a supermarket brand, I wouldn't compare it to Tesco or Sainsburys make-up, I'd say it's more like Make-Up Revolution or Boots' own brand. I particularly enjoy their nail varnish, so they also do great make-up, hair care and skincare. My favourite thing about them is that they're constantly bringing out new stuff and keeping up with trends.

The Others: These nail polishes have been gifts or just bought at random shops or markets. I don't actually really wear any of these so they probably should have gone in the bin or charity shop with the rest of my nail varnishes during my clearout but, like the ones from Claire's, I figure these are good colours for Halloween. 

The Brands: Essence, L'Oreal, No.7, Topshop, H&M and Mac. All shops that offer a great range of make-up and nail varnish, and shops that I don't own enough of said stuff from. My favourite of these is probably the No.7 or Topshop, mainly due to the formula. The Topshop nail polish is more of a pastel blue than the No.7, the L'Oreal a Barbie Pink, the Essence a nice dark purple but doesn't have the best finish and  the H&M a lovely bright blue colour and, for a while, was my favourite and most worn nail varnish. Last but not least, Rocker from Mac which, though is a lovely colour, isn't my favouite. It was quite expensive and I don't really like the brush as I find it to be too thin and you can't get enough product on there.

CYNTHIA ROWLEY: I haven't worn these nearly as much as I would have liked, probably because the bottles are so small that they got lost in my massive box of nail varnishes. Despite how small they are, the brushes are quite wide so you only need to dip the bottle in once to do one, maybe two, fingers. I almost make sure to go in with a second coat, which does make me wonder just how long these nail varnishes will lost.

What do you MEAN I have too many red KIKO nail polishes?!
Please tell me I don't own that many and that it's okay to continue buying more...