Sunday, 26 June 2016

What I Wore in Singapore.

I was originally planning on doing a lookbook in Singapore but, when it came down to it, I decided I couldn't be bothered and that I just wanted to enjoy my holiday. And if you end up taking over a thousand photos like we did, chances are, what you're wearing will be seen anyway. Mosquito bites, humidity that makes you feel like you're in a shower and my hair bobble snapping as soon as I left the house and then having to tie my hair up with a piece of string were also contributing factors, but at least I know I'd be able to survive in a LOST stranded on a desert island type scenario. I took four pairs of shoes with me, but after a 15 hour day in Converse and another in sandals, I knew heels would be a no go and that the rest of my trip would be spent in my Nike 'feels like you're walking on air' Free Runs 5.0, whether they went with my outfit or not. So, here's a few outfits what I wore in Singapore...

Outfit 1: 

Dress: Stradivarius
Kimono: Bershka
Watch: Fossil
Lipstick: KIKO Hibiscus Red
Nail Varnish: KIKO 277 Blueberry Glitter
Earrings: Accessorise

Outfit 2:

Denim Shirt: Stradivarius
Watch: Fossil
Vest Top: ZARA
Trousers: H&M

Outfit 3:

Top: Pull & Bear
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviator

Outfit 4:

Top: Pull & Bear
Dungarees: Stradivarius
Watch: Fossil
Sunglasses: Tiger
Hair bobble: a piece of string from a plant because I'm classy

Outfit 5:

Sunglasses: Tiger
Kimono: Bershka
Shorts: Bershka

Outfit 6: This is what me with food poisoning looks like. SO PALE.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators
Shirt: Pull & Bear
Shorts: Stradivarius

Outfit 7:

Necklace: H&M
Shirt: Pull & Bear
Skirt: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators

My trusty Nikes

This post has made me realise just how much of a fangirl I am for Stradvarius and P&B but I probably knew that already.

If any of you have any comfy footwear recommendations for long days, I'd love to hear them!
Let me know in the comments below!