Sunday, 28 September 2014

Beddinginn Curtains*

You know how most people spend their Summer holidays in some exotic location and go on late night adventures? Well, I might not have gone to an exotic location but I did go on some light night adventures! And by that I mean I stayed up until 3am most nights, browsing interior design. It's actually got to the point where I now have everything bookmarked that I could possibly need for my future home, including a front door mat, for both inside and outside! The only thing I'm missing is some curtains, and that's where Beddinginn comes in...

Beddinginn offers a great range of curtains and with the vast range that they offer, there is definitely something in there for everyone, but some of my favourites happen to be the bedroom curtains. I think the hardest curtains to find are bedroom curtains. It's important to find the right ones that don't let in too much light and that you think suit both the room and your personal taste.

Here are some of my favourite picks from the collection:

    There are over 679 curtains available over on Beddinginn, with most being bedroom curtains and a few being specifically for the kitchen. They also currently have 60-80% off on all items so be sure to get on over there and take a look as soon as you can! You never know, you might just find something that you love.

    If curtains aren't really your thing, then they do also offer a vast range of other products, including bedding, home decor (cups, mugs, lighting, rugs, etc), car accessories, towels and much, much more.

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