Friday, 26 September 2014

Flashback Friday #7

As it was my 18th (WAH!) birthday this past week, I decided that this week's Flashback Friday should be all about last year's birthday. My final birthday before legally being an adult. The final birthday where, in England, I couldn't go out and get smashed (not that I'd do that anyway). The final one where... anyway, you get the picture (LITERALLY. Yeah, okay, made myself laugh with that one).
I actually made a post on how I celebrated my 17th way back when I had just started blogging, so I'll leave it here for you to read. I was basically thrown a 'surprise' party by Alba, Saoirse and Noelia that I helped plan and provide cake for. As it was Alba's birthday two weeks after mine, we decided that we should blow out our candles together. I was then presented with some lovely presents, a ridiculous amount of fairy cakes were consumed and some rather random but hilarious games were played!

Take a look: 

I wish I'd taken more photos of this event almost as much as I wished I'd had time to wash my hair before going (hence why I haven't included any photos of me from the front!)

Have your friends ever thrown you a birthday party?