Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Holiday Haul.

It's been two weeks now since I got back from my holiday and it seems like I'm still suffering from post-holiday blues. I do want to be productive but it seems the only thing I can think about doing is taking a nap. Though I am looking forward to Autumn and the arrival of colder months, I have found myself asking if it's Summer 2015 yet, and I do hope I'm not the only one! Because of my post-holiday blues, I thought I'd share some of the things I bought on holiday in hope that it will make me feel like I'm back there all over again. If not, then at least I have my new purchases to keep me company.

Tartan Dress, New Look

Ever since I saw Kylie Jenner wearing the most gorgeous pair of tartan trousers from Zara, I didn't think I'd ever find anything else tartan print that I loved is much but, a year on, I have found the perfect piece. I'm obsessed with this dress and love how, whether it's with sandals in the Summer or tights, some boots and a coat in Winter, it can be worn all year round. It also makes me feel very christmasy, which is always a bonus.

It's actually darker than it appears in the photo!

 I actually tried this top on just before I went on holiday, thinking it would be a great piece to travel in but decided that it didn't really suit me. I then went shopping with friends on holiday, decided to try it on again and realised that I loved it. Note to self: don't try things on over the top of a dress because it will look completely different to how it looks without, obviously...

Boots, Primark
Having size 7/8 feet that are incredibly thin makes it very hard to find shoes that actually fit. Trainers, pumps, sandals, boots... you know it, I find it hard to find, which is probably why I don't own that many pairs of shoes. Thankfully, after my three week trip away, I now have another pair of shoes to add to my collection, thanks to Primark. They're a tiny bit big around the ankle but fit much better than most other pairs of boots that I've tried on in recent months. Perfect for Autumn and Winter!

Whilst on holiday I just knew that I'd have to end up buying another foundation. My last foundation (Rimmel's Wake Me Up) had just been becoming a bit too dark for me. It had been a perfect match, up until Summer arrived and I got a bit more of a tan... It makes perfect sense, right? Not. I think that, in the heat, it just got a bit too gloopy, which somehow made it go darker. The new one I bought is in the shade Ivory, the lightest shade possible, though I do think it looks a bit dark in some lighting. I really like this but I do find that it leaves a lot of shine so I really need to top up on powder.

Chocolate, and lots of it
My friends and family clearly know me far too well. Throughout the course of the three weeks that I was away, I stayed at five or six different houses and, upon my arrival at each house, I was greeted with one or two family sized bags of chocolate buttons. Ridiculous, I know. What's even more ridiculous is the fact that there only seems to be one bag left. I was also given some big bars of chocolate. Yeah, the amount of food I ate whilst away really was shocking. For the first five days, I ate every single meal out (and came back five stone heavier).

Magnet, Caerlaverock
Yeah, good luck pronouncing that name! If you succeed, try saying it three times fast, drunk. A holiday just isn't holiday unless you bring back a keyring or magnet, is it? I picked this one up at Caerlaverock castle.

 I'm not the only one that's been away, two of my best friends, Alba and Saoirse have also both been on holiday and with them they brought back multiple presents! Saoirse went to Holland, hence the clogs, and Alba went to Scotland. I desperately want to eat the Marmite, which is one of my favourite things in life, but the heart shaped containers are just too cute. Once home, I was also greeted with a rather large stack of newspaper cuttings. Does anyone else's Gran do this?!

is my Gran trying to tell me something?!
Hope you enjoyed this quick haul!
Are any of you suffering from post-holiday blues?