Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Empties #1.

I'm probably the last blogger to do an empties post. Though it may not be the most original post, I personally enjoy reading posts like this and know a lot of you do too! I obviously don't go through the amount of products that big beauty bloggers do, or the average person really, as I don't have the money to try out multiple products at one time. Instead, I buy it and use it until it's all gone.

I'd been planning on doing a post like this for a while now and, when the time came down to it, I actually had a lot more empty products that I'd originally thought. Because of this, I've decided them all into two posts so that it isn't as long, so be sure to look out for that in the next few weeks! Enjoy.

My first is empty product is actually two bottles of DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum. This is hands down my favourite perfume ever and I could not be more gutted that it's run out. I still have the moisturiser that matches but it's just not the same. Despite the urges I have to run straight to the shops and repurchase this, I'm going to hold out for a little while and finish my Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh Delight and a new Zara perfume first.

Next is a Natural Collection mascara. It may not be the most high end product in the world but at 1,99€, it certainly does the trick. It really lengthens your lashes and isn't clumpy at all. Definitely a must have if you're looking for a bargain.

This product is my only skincare product in this post and it's definitely not the cheapest. It's Uriage spot cream (nice, I know) and is easily one of the best products I have ever used. I suppose I could have worded it better than 'spot cream' but, long story short, if you have a spot or feel like you're getting one, you just apply this before going to bed and, chances are, next morning - it's gone. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and this is definitely a must have if you suffer from bad skin. I know that this particular brand has a lot of other products too, so I'll be looking into them too.

This product is the second beauty product and is the Topshop skin glow. All that comes out when you squeeze it now is air, so I've definitely made the most of it. Though it can have a bit too much of a pink and glittery shine to it, I did really enjoy it. It does also tend to turn into a moose after a while, so definitely use this up quick and don't leave it in the back of your make-up draw.

Next is another beauty product from Boots' own Natural Collection range, and that is their powder. Despite being so cheap, it is actually a really good powder and, again, is definitely a must have if you're looking for a bargain. I know there's still a bit in there but I'm sure it'll be gone soon. I'm thinking of trying Rimmel's Stay Matte powder next.

My final empty products are two nail varnishes. I know they don't look empty but, trust me, they are. The dark burgundy colour is actually now so empty that, when you dip the brush in, it just comes out dry. The red still had a tiny amount in, but no where near enough to paint both hands, so I added a bit of nail varnish remover to thicken it up but accidentally ended up adding in too much, so that's a goner too. It's a shame as it was the perfect red colour. I'll definitely be looking to buy the red shade again but, as much as I liked the L'OREAL one, I remember it being really expensive and the brush is really thin, so I know I can get better value for money somewhere else. 

Have you tried any of these products? 
What have you been loving recently?
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