Sunday, 7 September 2014

Wishlist: The Clutch Bag Edition.

Something that I've been loving has been clutch bags, which, surprisingly, I don't actually own any off. I own quite a few handbags or ones that rest on my shoulder, but no clutches. This is something that, in my eyes, really needs to change, so here's five bags that I've been lusting after recently...

1. Stessed But Well Dressed, ZARA
I think everyone owns this bag, and those that don't (aka me) want it, and they want it bad. I'm gutted that I didn't manage to get my hands on this when it first came out, but it wasn't in any of my local ZARA's, nor did I see it online and the only way to get it now is on ebay for a whopping 70€. If anyone wants to sell me if for a tenth of that, then that'd be great. My details are in the sidebar.

I know this is meant to be more for travelling, holidays and adventures but I see nothing wrong with using it in everyday life. The yellow provides a great pop of colour to what could other wise be a monochrome outfit, and it also seems the perfect size to fit in your essentials in.

Unfortunately, only half the clutches in this post have links leading to them, as the ZARA one is no longer sold in stores and I have no idea where this one is actually from. Either way, I want it and until I manage to get my hands on it, I guess I'll just have to stick to reblogging it on Tumblr. I have included a link to 'Where To Get It' though, which has a few similar ones on there.

This is available in both orange and yellow but, as I've been loving yellow recently, this is the one that I'm most lusting after. I love the fact that this particular one has a strap, as I think it makes it easier to take from a day to night look. This is also the cheapest bag that I've picked out, which probably means is the one that I have most chance of getting.

My final pick is also the most expensive but, as it's from Whistles, you can at least be guaranteed good quality. I know a few people that have recently bought a bag (or two) from Whistles and they could not be happier with it, which probably explains why they keep going back for more. There are a few that have taken my fancy, but this is definitely my favourite.

What do you think of these bags?
Is there anything you're currently lusting after?
Let me know in the comments below!