Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Autumn Essentials.

About a month ago now, I wrote a post on my Summer favourites. I debated whether to write a similar post for Autumn and to make it a seasonal feature, but instead I've decided to publish this kind of post at the beginning of each season, making it more of an essentials post.

  • Moisturiser: Despite sometimes suffering from rather oily skin, it can often before really dry and dehydrated. I find that the wind and the cold have a really strong affect on it, with my skin often peeling. Thanks to the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (and drinking lots of water) I can keep my skin looking it's best. 
  • Red Lipstick: It just had to be done, didn't it? Now that we are firmly into Autumn, it's time to say goodbye to the glosses, goodbye to the pinks - it's all about matte, red and berry, something I'm ridiculously excited for. I still remember the 'Kate Moss Effect' last year where every single blogger seemed to mention her red lipstick in at least one post. My top choice, however, is this matte lipstick from KIKO
  • Gold Eyeshadows: All of the make-up tutorials that I have seen put onto YouTube recently have all featured a gold eyeshadow, so it seems I'm not the only one loving this look. My personal favourite is Honey Lust, from MAC, though I know that both Bobbi Brown and Marc Jacobs do great Autumnal palettes, or even MUA for a much cheaper version.

  • Smoky Eyes: Despite how much I've been loving gold eyeshadow, you just can't beat a bit of a smoky eye, can you? And now that we're officially into Autumn and drawing closer and closer to Halloween, the smokier the better, right? The perfect way to achieve this look would be with the NARS All Eyes on You Palette that comes with three eyeshadows in Madrague, Bali and Mekong, a mini Larger Than Life eyeliner and a wide contour eyeshadow brush, all available on John Lewis for just £35!

  • Darker Nail Varnishes: Despite how much I love bright nail varnishes and adding them to an otherwise monochrome outfit to add a pop of colour, I think it's time to store those away and bring out the darker colours. The photo I've added below includes five of my favourite shades. Who knew that you needed four very similar, yet oh so different colours (that's what I'm telling myself), in your collection?

  • Halloween: This isn't really an essential, but it is essential to look forward to Halloween, even if you're only excited for the ridiculous amount of chocolate and sweets that you're allowed to eat. The costumes, pumpkins, trick'o'treaters, ghost stories... What's not to love?! The Spanish don't quite go all out at Halloween, so I might just have to show them how it's done.

  • Up-Do Braids: I love braids, I think they're something that you can easily pull off all year round and, as there are so many types, it's hard to get sick of them. For colder, wetter and windier months, I prefer one's that keep all of your hair out of the way as there's nothing worse than walking down the street and not being to see because of all the hair in your eyes!

 Do you think I'm missing anything?
What are some of your Autumn essentials?
Let me know in the comments below!