Monday, 20 October 2014

Mani Monday #9

I'm currently finding it very hard to believe that I am now half way through the Mani Monday feature that I plan on running until Christmas. It's amazing to think that I started it late June and we're now more than half way into October. Time really is flying!

For this week's nail colour, I've picked a Cynthia Rowley orange, that actually came in a set of five different colours. I consider the orange shade to be a Summer, Spring or even an Autumn colour. I

It's pretty obvious why it fits into the Spring and Summer category as everyone who is anyone seems to be rocking orange nails or lips during the warmer months and seasons. Obviously Halloween is coming up soon, so I also consider it to be the perfect colour for Autumn. After all, it just screams pumpkin, doesn't it?

My only complaint about this colour, or any of the other colours that came with it, is that, because the bottles are so small, the brushes are too which means you need to dip it a few more times that you would with a normal nail varnish. I tend to add a few coats to give it a bit more of a pop of colour.

I actually painted my nails a week ago but took the photos today, so I'd say that, other than the odd chip, it's definitely lasted pretty well!

What do you think of this colour?