Tuesday, 14 October 2014

September Memories.

As sad as I am that Summer is well and truly over, I am so looking forward to Autumn. Jumpers, scarves, boots, hot chocolate... and endless September favourites posts. I do actually love reading through them all but thought I'd do something a bit different; Autumn Favourites/Essentials and September Memories! I uploaded my Autumn favourites a few weeks back, so now it's time for September memories...

My first memory comes from just spending a really nice day, relaxing, swimming in the pool, watching films and making midnight snacks with one of my best friends, Alba. This was actually the last time both of us got in the pool, so it really was a perfect way to say goodbye to Summer.

Next up was our dance festival. For about six years now, I've spent every Summer avidly attending dance classes, preparing for our September Dance Festival. We actually do one in January too, but September is the main one. We even get a certificate, which somehow makes it feel a bit more official...

The dance festival definitely brought mixed emotions. Should everything go to plan, I will be moving out and to London next June, so that could have potentially been my last dance festival! I don't know if we'll definitely be doing one in January but, even if we did, it wouldn't have the same atmosphere as September's. I think Alba and Saoirse were just slightly more upset than me...

The next memory is definitely a big one - my 18th birthday! I had no idea how I was going to plan it as I tend to be a bit funny about birthdays but, thanks to my friends, I didn't have to worry about that as eight of my closest friends in Spain through me a surprise birthday party! I actually went there straight from college so I wasn't looking my best, haha, but it was so much fun! You'd never guess how old I was just by looking at my cards, would you?!

This may not look like much. In fact, it looks like a pile of slop, but my God did it taste amazing. Home made almond pavlovas, mango ice cream, fruit salad and a small bowl of nutella. Probably enough to give you diabetes, but it was SO worth it. Alba's eyes were bigger than her belly and I ended up eating mine and half of her's. 

It seems that September was full of birthdays. Mine, Alba's, Blas' and many, many more! This was taken at Blas' 20th birthday party. He's my best guy friend and I love him to pieces. We all had such a lovely afternoon, and I hope he did too. Thankfully, I didn't cry, unlike him at mine... Yes, he actually cried after realising that it could have been my last birthday in Spain. Awkward.

This is very exciting. I finally bought Urban Decay's Naked Flushed palette! It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm literally counting down the day until it does. I was recently saw it in Sephora, where it was a shocking 35€, but I managed to find it for a whole 13€ cheaper on Amazon so I spent an Amazon voucher I got for my birthday on that.

The final memory was Alba's 16th birthday! We went to one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe for her birthday (expect a haul soon) but I didn't actually get any photos as I might have been a bit too busy spending far too much money. We also plan on going zip-lining this weekend, which I'm ridiculously excited about. You can check out the ever so slightly sentimental comment that I put on Instagram for her birthday here.
What are some of your favourite September memories?