Wednesday, 1 October 2014

AVIVA Dresses*

I think it's safe to say that I spend about 78% of my time online shopping. Sometimes, though, the sites I go on and become a bit repetitive and I just can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. The products that I'm currently on the search for are a few formal dresses, as I will graduating this June. That means I need a prom dress, a dress to receive my diploma in, etc. Thanks to AVIVA*, it looks like not all is lost...

I'd actually never heard of this brand before but, after a quick browse of their website, I was more than happy to have been contacted by them and given the opportunity to work with them! They offer a wide range of dresses, including both wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but I was obviously slightly more drawn to the prom and evening dresses.

They offer a great range of choices and there is sure to be something in there for everyone. I know my prom happens to be over six months away but you can never be too prepared. Should you, however, have an important event coming up then I could not recommend having a quick look at their website enough, especially with them currently offering up to 85% off on prom dresses, as well as free shipping on dresses over £199. Living in a remote area of Spain, it's hard to find places that ship here and, when they do, companies often charge just as much as you paid for the product to ship it to you, so this is definitely a bonus!

Here are some of my picks for prom: 

And last but not least, you can even pick the date it arrives! If you think that you've found the perfect dress but can't quite bring yourself to order it as you have no where to put it or fear that you could perhaps find something better, than you can set the arrival dates for weeks or even months ahead, just in time for your special day.

Have you ever bought a dress from here? 
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