Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Exploring a Tropical Island - Singapore #6.

If you've read my Meet KC post, then you'll know that, while in Singapore, I spent a day at Pulua Ubin, a tropical island located between Singapore and Malaysia. Your data provider actually switches  from a company from each place, so just buy going to Pulua Ubin you can say you were in two countries in one day! One thing's for sure though, I don't think I've ever breathed air as clean or felt so free as when cycling and hiking around this tiny island, exploring everything it has to offer. From palm trees to lily-pads, wild boar to monkeys, lakes to streams... Everything was just incredible. Definitely one for the bucket list, and a place I hope to return to one day. Though if I do return, I'll have to remember to take the mosquito repellent with me - a month late and I've still got bites!

Shout-out to the mosquito on my camera. It then moved to my leg and bit me ten times. CLASSIC SINGAPORE.

I will definitely be heading back to Singapore in the future.
I couldn't recommend it more!