Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hiking in a Tropical Rainstorm - Singapore #5.

It's official, after my trip to Singapore, I could survive on a deserted island with crazy rain and smoke monsters like the one in LOST. I've done it all. I've had my hair bobble break and had to tie my hair up with a piece of string I found in a tree, and I was even running on a treetop walkway through the jungle when it suddenly started to rain, heavier than I've ever seen, so much that I could barely see and had to shelter in a tree (100% had to refrain from shouting "JAAAAAACK". Kate Auston, eat your heart out)...  Before I let my imagination run wild and imagined just how I was going to kill a polar bear, my aunt and I visited the Botanic Gardens & Orchid Garden of Singapore. I don't know a lot about flowers and plants, but I can tell you that it was beautiful. We actually chose to go on what was the hottest and most humid day of the week, so just seeing the words 'cool house' was enough to help me ignore the sweat dripping down my neck and send me to a happier place. One too many selfies were taken but, with such a perfect backdrop it was hard not to...

After the gardens, it was on to the jungle walkway. We were warned multiples times about monkeys, which actually panicked me slightly. Wherever we looked, there were signs warning us about being attacked, but luckily, or unluckily depending on how you look at it, we didn't see any, but we could definitely hear them. And they weren't lying when they called it a treetop walkway either, though some parts were more a Sky Grove as you were so much higher than the trees! Despite it being such a hot day in the morning, it soon clouded over and heavens well and truly opening. Having to shelter in a tree for almost an hour wasn't exactly how we had planned to spend the afternoon, but it came on so suddenly and was so heavy that we couldn't actually see. It was soon time to move on and continue with our hike... only for it to start raining again and, this time, there was no shelter. Because of the rain, we didn't get to spend as much time at our destination (Henderson Waves) as we would have liked, but the view was definitely worth it and I'd recommend the Southern Ridges hike, starting at Alexandra Arch, to anyone visiting Singapore. It rains everyday in Singapore so, chances are, you're going to get a bit wet whenever you go. 

I apologise to all the people that didn't grow up watching LOST...

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