Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Best Place You'll Ever Visit - Singapore #3.

I am a massive fan of museums: Science, History, Fashion, Art... You name it, I'm there. I especially love visiting them in new countries. So, when researching the best things to do in Singapore, one of the things that most caught my eye was the Art Science museum, in particular the Big Bang Data exhibition, and another entitled Future World. I think it's safe to say that I wasn't disappointed. The first was all about the concept of The Cloud, the buildings where all of our data, internet and every detail that we consider private is stored, the theories and devastating effect this could have on us, and just how people are using this power. It was actually incredibly moving and really made you think about what you share on the Internet. A few highlights were someone's entire Facebook history (messages, statuses, every time he signed in, etc.), so easily accessible, and a room filled with every single photo uploaded to Flickr in 24 hours. Next up was Future World, and this is the one that I had been most excited for.

Future World was room upon room of interactive activities and is easily one of the best things I have experienced. The first room was filled with large beanbags, with a screen covering almost the entire room. On the screen was an interactive beach, changing throughout the day, starting at sunset and going all the way through to the following day. Floating islands would appear and work their way around, with fish, birds, and boats doing the same. As someone who suffers from anxiety, I can honestly say that it was so relaxing and I could have stayed their all day. I've always said that the sound of the sea is one of my favourite sounds, but there was something about this that was that extra bit calming. Next up was a room with a slide. With so much going on elsewhere, kids weren't particularly impressed by the slide - but I was. I'm pretty sure I went down it a good six or seven times. We walked through a few rooms and noticed people sat down at tables drawing. We found this to be very odd. Who would want to sit at a table drawing when you can be playing with the giant, flashing inflatable balls or watching sea creatures swim and butterflies & birds fly around on the floor? Turns out, they weren't just drawing, they were colouring in either a shark, jellyfish or sea horse, scanning it, and watching their drawing come to life and appear within seconds on a large screen, only for their sea creature to start swimming around the room. In the next room, the same thing was happening with vehicles and buildings. The boards they appeared on were also interactive, so if you went to touch one of the cars, it would "crash" or there would be a traffic jam, and if you went to touch a UFO, it would zoom off before you got the chance to get near it. My favourite room of all would have to be the one filled with rows upon rows of fairy lights, twinkling and changing colour in time to the music. Luckily for us, it was empty when we arrived, so we managed to get a few good photos! The walls of the room were mirrors, making it seem like there were a lot more lights than there actually were. I could have spent all day there. I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to go, given that all exhibitions at the museum are temporary, with these ending in mid-July and early September. 

Have any of you been to this museum?
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