Sunday, 24 July 2016

I Put WHAT On My Lashes?!

Okay, this is your official warning, I'm about to big myself up, toot my own horn, etc, etc. - I'm one of those annoying people that has naturally good eyelashes. Like, people comment on them and ask what mascara I'm wearing, only to look seriously pissed off when I tell them I'm not wearing them and they're my natural lashes, so you can probably imagine how people look when they see me a few days later when wearing make-up. If people didn't look at me with such disgruntled faces, I'd probably share how my enhance my lashes with two easy beauty products, something they could so easily achieve too. Instead, I'll share them with you...

  • Lash Activator: I'd say this is pretty much a lash primer, just with a fancier sounding name. I was a bit sceptical about this when I received it, but ended up loving it, especially for those no make-up make-up days. It gives your lashes that extra length without curling them or adding any colour, making your lashes just look extremely long. My eyelashes actually ending up brushing against my glasses, so I have to remember to only use the tiniest bit. I leave it to try for a few seconds before applying...
  • Maybelline False Lashes Mascara: This is easily the best mascara I've ever used, and know that I will continue to buy it for many years to come. It gives your lashes a serious curl (and the curl actually holds), is waterproof and doesn't smudge at all, not even when you forget your make-up and accidentally rub your eyes like you are a 2 year old (we've all been there), though still comes off easily enough with make-up remover. As well as all of that, the mascara wand is curved so you can easily reach every lash. 
If it helps, my eyelashes are about the only good thing I did inherit, other my my height. 
What is your favourite mascara?
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