Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A Very Hungover Day at Bondi Beach.

A throwback... I'd like to say mine and Meg's day out to Bondi Beach went without a hitch. The plan was to leave early, get two buses down, do the Bondi to Coogee walk, visit the baths and to go paddleboarding but I think it's safe to say things didn't exactly go to plan. We were hungover. Very hungover. The two buses were (understandably and sensibly) substituted for an Uber, meaning our trip took 15 minutes instead of an hour and, instead of dropping us off at the beach front, we were dropped off in front of McDonalds. A strawberry milkshake, fries and one of the best Burgers I've ever had in my life (no, seriously. Mcdonalds in Australia is amazing) consisting of a beef burger, different types of cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, bacon, caramalised onions, mushrooms and lettuce (I am actually drooling) later, we were ready to hit the beach... And do absolutely nothing. We just lay there in our hoodies, taking in a bit of vitamin D and feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, but we were still fit and able enough to truly appreciate the views, reflect on how lucky we are and to dip our toes in the sea. 

Please never mention alcohol to me again. 
I can't believe that I spent six months exploring Australia. 
It all seems like a dream.