Friday, 10 February 2017

Why Harrods is the Best & Worst Place to Visit in London.

Most people who visit London want to visit Harrods. I was definitely amongst that group of people and it's actually where some of my favourite memories from my time in London took place. From sampling all the delicious food, trying on the gorgeous shoes or even flirting with staff (my favourite past-time), there is plenty to do. The down side? It can end up being pretty pricey and on more than one occasion, my best friend, Ariadna, had to stop me from spending 50 GBP on chocolates or 2000 GBP on my dream handbag...

Myself and Ariadna, who I spent most weekend at Harrods with, always seemed to end up in the food halls when we were most hungry. From cheese and meat paletters, to a room filled with chocolate, to counters with platters upon platters of food from every country, there is definitely something for everyone - it's just so hard choosing what to have! But why pick one thing when you can have them all? I don't think staff are necessarily supposed to do this, but if you get talking to staff and speak to those a few rows away from each other, you can easily get a few samples. The slabs of rasperry chocolate and duck dumplings are personal favourites. 

There were a few times when I walked in completely bare-faced and, of course, like in most beauty stores, I was greeted by staff asking if I wanted to try something. Whilst I usually say no, Harrods is the perfect place to say yes. Where else are you going to have the Tom Ford sculpting powder (so perfect. so dreamy) expertly applied? I once went in and got chatting to an assistant at Urban Decay about what products I love and which I wanted to try, and she offered to try them all out on me! I went from a 3 to a 10 in a matter of seconds and ended up ready for a night out. 

There always looking to give out samples for you to try but, if they don't have any, just ask! I save on expensive foundations by just asking for samples. I have MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, etc. and they've all lasted me such a long time. All the staff will have forgotten me by the time I go back, so I'll be ready for round two! 

Though it's not a way to spend money, one of the great things about Harrods is the friendly staff. They're ready to wait on you hand and foot and are sincerly apologetic when they can't comply to your needs. My favourite staff are in the designer shoe section and the Celine bag counter. A male assistant at the latter told me I was pretty so, if I stole one and ran for the door, he wouldn't tell anyone. Ariadna had to practically hold me back from bolting for the door, knowing full well he wasn't serious.

It's also a good place to do a bit of celebrity spotting. You can always tell when a blogger or YouTuber has been to Harrods by their posts on Instagram.

Can you tell I've spent enough time there?! 
Have any of you ever been to Harrods?
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