Sunday, 4 May 2014


During the week before the Easter holidays, my school and sixth form have what is known as culture week. For the first three days, there are activities, talks and games. On the Thursday, there is a Gymkhana: the school picks a theme and each class dresses up as something to do with that theme. You then complete the activities set and the people that complete all of the activities first, win. It is usually complete chaos. Unfortunately for me, I missed the first four days of culture week due to having sinusitis, which led to me being stuck at home. 
I managed to get myself well enough to go in on the final and most important day; Festival. This is something that we celebrate every year and something that my school will continue to celebrate for as long as they can. The aim is to raise money for children in Zway, Africa. During the run up to Festival and Culture Week, the school sells bracelets and t-shirts, cakes and pancakes. ALL proceeds then go to Zway. On the day of Festival, over 20 schools and colleges make their way over to our school. We start of with a parade around town, during which the public are welcome to join us, before heading pack to the fields outside our school and sixth form. Throughout the day, people perform dances, pyramids, mini theatres and anything else that comes to mind in front of everyone. We also do some of our school dances, some of which I learnt in my very first year six years ago! It is a day of complete happiness, all whilst doing something for a good cause.

I didn't manage to take any photos on my own camera as I was far too busy on stage, both with my class, with my college and also with my dance group, but thankfully there were a few local newspapers there who managed to get some really good photos so I decided to feature them in a blog post. I hope you enjoy them!

spy the girl head and shoulders taller than everyone else aka me

Do your schools and colleges do anything like this?
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