Sunday, 25 May 2014

Met Gala Couples.

Due to a few technical issues with my blog, AKA somehow deleting every single photo on my blog, I haven't been able to get out any blog posts. I'd planned to have quite a few go up this past week but was then sidetracked due to exams. I could have uploaded yesterday but considering I spent half the day retaking, redownloading and reuploading pictures for half of my blog posts (the other half will be done some time this week!), that was also a no go. Three posts I'd planned to have go up for the worst dressed from the Met Ball (coming sometime in the next two days), celebrities who attended with their designers (coming two days after that) and finally, best dressed couples, which is today's post. Yes, I really am milking this for all it's worth, I know but at least you all get to ogle over pretty outfits and handsome men! So, without further ado...

- Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: These two are easily my favourite celebrity couple of the moment. If you combine how good they were together in The Amazing Spiderman 2, Emma's lip-syning, both of their charity work and then their just all-round general cuteness, then you'll basically understand why I love them. Oh, and not to mention just how bloody amazing they looked at the Met Gala. I still can't quite decide who I love more though.

 - Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: Johnny was my best dressed male of the night and Amber was one of, if not the, best dressed female of the night, so it only made sense for them to feature in this post! Johnny nailed the theme perfectly, combining white tie and even bringing ornaments! But don't get me started on Amber's dress. I might cry at how pretty it is.

- Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: Look how happy they are. Doesn't it make you sick? No, okay, that was probably mean of me but when am I going to get the chance to have Gucci dress me and my boyfriend, for me to have a body and hair that people would die for and for me to be married to the World's hottest man? Don't answer that.

- Jim Parson and Todd Spiewak: Both Jim and Todd look absolutely amazing, and I love how they've gone for opposite coloured outfits, paired with a flower which is the colour of the other person's suit. If they're good enough for Vogue's best dressed list, then they're good enough for mine.

- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: After last year's so called 'disaster', Kimye clearly knew that all eyes were going to be on them so were clearly looking to impress and they most certainly did not disappoint! They both looked amazing in their Lanvin outfits and the only part of the white tie theme that Kanye was missing was, well, the white tie but I'll let that go!

Who were your best dressed couples of the night?
Let me know in the comments below!