Thursday, 1 May 2014


Being a lover of all things fashion, I find myself adding items to my wishlist on a daily basis. This wishlist mainly exists in my head, with the odd exception of items that I particularly love saved on my laptop, but sometimes it's fun to share them with you guys. Sometimes they mainly feature designer products but I decided today's post would be high street items that are affordable for everyone! Enjoy.
- Next,
I was such a huge fan of Next when I was younger, and that was mainly what my entire wardrobe featured of. I remember putting on fashion shows for my family and using my Barbie tent as a "catwalk". They probably hated sitting there for hours on end while I got changed, but I loved it! After moving to Spain, I sort of forgot about Next due to there being no stores anywhere near me but I'm very happy to share that I have recently rediscovered it and I am hooked! Two items I'm particularly loving are the Printed Sports Swimsuit and the Floral T-Shirt Dress, both of which are perfect for Summer! 

Something I love to do in the Summer is swim but unfortunately I only own bikinis which makes it rather difficult to swim without having to stop every length to adjust your bikini. Admittedly, I could just buy a bikini with really good straps but, after discovering this swimsuit on the Next website, I'm not sure I want to! I love the slimming pattern of it and the colours and would love to get my hands on it!

I particularly love the print of this dress! It's so bright and just all round perfect for Summer. Upon first seeing it, I couldn't really decide if I liked it but now I am officially in love with it. You could wear it in so many different ways, whether it be day or night, and would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

- Pull & Bear, 
I actually tried on these trousers when shopping with friends recently, but decided to go for a black pair of harem trousers from Stradivarius instead. I am now slightly regretting this choice and wish that I had bought these ones instead! I did debate taking my other ones back and buying these ones but I like the others too much to part with them! This is the type of daily struggle that I have to go through.

they're no longer available online, so this was the best I could do I'm afraid!
-  Stradivarius, 
I actually almost bought this top when recently shopping with friends too! I'm beginning to notice a pattern here. I clearly do not make good choices when under pressure, especially when it comes to buying clothes! I actually tried it on with my yellow blazer, which I bought at the same time, and they looked SO good together but I decided to just go with the blazer and to try and save money, money that I later spent on something that I probably didn't need. The top actually has a slit all the way up the back, and we decided that it might be a bit impractical for college, so maybe it was the right decision not to get it. It still doesn't stop me from wanting it though!

- Zara, 
No, that is not a typo. I just really want two pairs of printed trousers from Zara. Actually, that's a lie. I want five from Zara and one from Pull & Bear and, even then, they're just my absolute favourites that I have bookmarked on my laptop. I think it's actually becoming a bit of an obsession considering I already own about five pairs of printed trousers. I am trying to curb it, honestly (I'm really not and I really need to be stopped). It took me about ten minutes to decide which trousers to feature in this blog post and even now I'm wondering if I've made the right choice! I decided to go with these because the prints are a lot bolder and brighter than I am used to, a trend I love and that I've been trying to buy more of, as I tend to stick to darker colours and simpler prints. I want them all, please.

- Zara,
Zara are absolutely killing it with their latest shoe range, especially with their flats and sandals. So many gorgeous prints and colours, all of which are great for Summer. Because of picking lots of bright items for this post, I decided to go for the leather flat sandal in a matte baby blue colour. They are plain and simple yet still bring a pop of colour to any outfit! 

What have you been lusting after recently? 
Let me know in the comments below!