Tuesday, 29 April 2014

April Favourites.

With the passing of another month comes another monthly favourites post! Despite not posting a monthly favourites every single month, this is easily one of my favourite types of posts to write. I've love to make one on a monthly basis but, unfortunately, I don't go through enough products nor do I have money to spent on said products. The life of being a student, eh?! I do post them every now and again though, and this just happens to be one of those occasions. I've included a great variety of items to try and include something that is to everyone's taste so I hope you enjoy!
- MAC Honey Lust Eye Shadow: Hello, favourite eye-shadow in the whole entire World. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it's my favourite out of the one's I've tried. I know many people have had a few problems with fallout but, as long as you use the right brush, you shouldn't have a problem. This eyeshadow is great for warm Summer nights and looks great either all over the eye or just on the outer-eye and in the creases. This actually featured in my January favourites so is a bit of a re-find!

- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ and Clinque All About Eyes Rich: I'm currently playing a game called 'How many of my Mum's Clinique products can I use before she realises?'. So far, I am winning. I have my own soap (featured in a previous monthly favourites post) but now I've started using, or rather stealing, a few other products, with my two favourites having to be their moisturiser and eye cream. Both are absolutely amazing for sensitive skin and are completely fragrance free. I find that just the tiny dab of both products really does the trick. The moisturiser leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the eye cream works a treat on those pesky bags that I seem to have inherited. Definitely must have products!

- KIKO 260 Metallic Pink Microglitter: I am a huge fan of all things KIKO; lipsticks, 3D concealers, eyeshadows, you name it; I love it. The product I seem to have collected the most of from KIKO though is nail varnishes, a product I own an unhealthy amount of. My new favourite colour is Metallic Pink Microglitter. It can only be described as 'Princess Pink'. Yes, I'm being serious. I tend to add a few coats to add a touch more of colour and can't help staring at my nails whenever they catch the light! It acts as a great pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

- Jhené Aiko - Sail Out EP:  Up until today, I was yet to listen to anything yes for about three weeks other than Jhené Aiko's Sail Out EP. I am truly obsessed and can't wait for the release of her hotly anticipated first album, apparently due out later this year! I hate everyone that saw her at Coachella. Yes, everyone.

- Divergent: This covers both the film and the book series. I have now seen the film about six or seven times and read the entire book series in less than a day. Warning, if you do not like sad books and can't handle plot twists then do not read it. It broke me. Despite the film having received mixed reviews, I found it thoroughly enjoyable. Well, of course I did or I wouldn't have seen it seven times. I did find Shailene to be a bit whiny at some stages but, with her being in every single scene, I did not expect for her to be perfect. Theo James made up for everything she lacked in though. He is now my whatsapp background. Just call me Kate James.

 - Yellow: A blonde loving yellow? Shock horror, I know. However, having recently acquired a yellow blazer as seen in my mini haul, I am now loving all things yellow. Ever since I started loving this trend, I've noticed a few other blondes in the public eye sporting this colour, with the main people being Emma Stone in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 (which, can I just say, is an AMAZING film and deserves a blog post all to itself, as do her fashion choices during the press tour) and Louise AKA Sprinkle of Glitter so I guess I'm not the only one loving this colour.

- L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Reflecting Cream: Having lost about a third of my hair in the past year or two, my hair isn't in the best state it's ever been in. In the past few months or so, it has gradually stopped falling out and now that new hair is growing in, I am determined to keep it healthy. My hair is much stronger now but it is a bit of a dull colour. I am debating dyeing it but, for now, I am just going to stick to some hair treatments. One that I have been loving recently is Elvive Nutri-Gloss. I apply some to my hands before slowly running my fingers through my hair and that's it. It gives my hair a healthy glow and is slowly reincorporating the shine that I was once used to.

- ZARA Limited Edition Rose Perfume: I've been buying family members ZARA Rose perfume for a while now and they've loved it so much that it has become their staple perfume. I had planned on getting my Mum another bottle of this for Christmas but accidentally picked up the wrong bottle, instead choosing their limited edition. She wasn't a big fan of it but, luckily for me, I loved it! I think it can only be described as having a bit of a more night time smell about it. It isn't overpowering and, with only a few squirts, seems to leave a lingering scent throughout the day. It is easily my new favourite perfume and is a great substitute until I manage to get my hands back on DKNY's Green Apple perfume.

And that's it then! I've probably missed something but, should I have, I will save it for a future monthly favourites post! What are some things that you've been loving this month?