Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Childhood Memories.

As some of you may know from a post I published a few weeks ago, my best friend of over 15 years, Meg, recently came over to visit me. During the time that she was here we realised that, despite having known each other for so long, we don't have nearly as many photos of our childhoods as we would like. We could barely remember taking any, so we decided to look through some of the few photo albums that I have to see if we could find any, and we found some absolute gems.
The photos we found were far too cute not to be published in a blog post, so I've posted some of my favourites. Most are of Meg and I but there is the occasional one of myself and a few other friends or members of family. I apoligise for the quality of the photos, as they are actually photos of photos taken on a iPhone as I haven't had time to scan them yet! Meg and I also recreated some of the photos, and I had added in a few photos from last week so that you can see just how much we've changed. I've also included a little back story with a few of them so I hope you enjoy!

The first photo is of myself and one of my best friend's, Hannah. We have been best friends since we were five, thinking we were the height of cool in our bubblegum pink and dark purple coats. Even though I moved to Spain six years ago, we still talk everyday and this past Summer, we saw each other for the first time IN FIVE YEARS. This was taken at Hall Hill Farm and it's a brilliant photo, mainly because of the hideous outfits we're wearing. Hannah started the day wearing socks and sandals and I'm wearing hideous floral print jeans. Who even let us out of the house? 

The second was taken when I was about seven years old, in Mallorca. They didn't have the food that I wanted to eat, and instead brought me a tuna salad. I actually love tuna salad, but when you're seven and all you want is chicken and chips, you tend to hate life. I still pull that face now. Clearly not much has changed, haha. I also used to love those sunglasses. They were from Accessorize and they made me think I was Mary-Kate Olsen, obviously.

The third photo is the first of many of Meg and I. It was taken on our first ever camping trip to the Lake District. It poured down the entire time and we ended up going home early. Our parents were obsessed with this photo because, according to them, we looked 17 (the age we are now). It's safe to say we do not look like that now. I like it because Meg literally has no eyebrows.

What am I even looking at in this fourth picture?! This just proves that I am not, and never have been, meant to show my teeth whilst smiling because I will end up looking like the Grinch. As seen in the picture below, Meg's smile is still the exact same and I've learnt to keep my mouth shut. We also have MUCH better hair. I like it how my hand isn't quite touching Meg's shoulder, almost like I'm terrified that she is going to hit me. If I'm honest, it looks like she should be the one afraid of me in this picture!

This photo was taken on our first ever family holiday 13 years ago. My parents, my brother and I traveled to Norfolk for my Mam's 40th birthday, along with my grandparents and my Mam's brother's family. I've only ever met them about six times and this holiday is the first memory I have of them. My brother looks miserable, so there's no change there. Heather used to be such a tomboy and has done a 360ยบ turn and is now quite girly and, as far as I'm aware, Olivia doesn't suck her thumb anymore, haha. I am wearing floral leggings and jellie shoes, which are items of clothing I still wear to this day. I was clearly always destined for a career in fashion and always one step (or 13 years) ahead of everyone else.

Who let me wear a camouflage print top with 'babe' written across it with a lilac hoodie and a red NY cap (which seems to have never left my head for most of my childhood). Having started off as a little fashionista in floral leggings and jellie shoes, fast forward 4 years and you get this monstrosity. These were clearly the dark years. Admittedly, Meg is wearing a pink sheepskin jacket, so that makes me feel better. That tree is still there behind my house, so we plan on recreating this picture in the Summer, when Meg next comes to visit. Let's just hope we don't actually break the tree.

I have nothing to say on this picture other than that, in the 8 years that have passed since this photo was taken, nothing has changed. Meg still pulls me around the pool, all whilst I lie back on my pink lilo like a princess. Cheers, Meg.

Meg and my pooch, Parker. The first was taken just a few weeks after we'd gotten Parker, who was about 3 months old at the time. My sister and I had been to the airport to pick Meg and her Mam up and I told her that we had a surprise for her. She spent the whole journey home trying to guess what it was, listing things like a TV, rollerblades, the Sims... I think she was even happier with a dog than she would have been with any one of those items.

The final pictures of this blog post were taken 7 years apart, on the final holiday we took together before I moved to Spain. We moved here six and a half years ago, and spent the two years previous to us moving here using it as a holiday home. It is taken in the exact same spot with the exact same dogs. Everything is the same, I guess, other than us, though I still have a double chin and Meg still has very blonde eyebrows!
What did you think of this post? I really enjoyed writing it and reminiscing, so might do something similar soon! Any excuse to look through old photos.

Do you have any photos of your childhood that you love looking through?