Thursday, 17 April 2014

Shopping and a Train Ride Home With My (not so little) Faves

Saoirse, Alba and I have been best friends since the moment I arrived in Spain. Despite me being a year and half older than they are, I know I can talk to them about anything and vice versa. I think they think of me as their amazingly cool and stylish (obviously) big sister that neither of them ever had. Now that they're getting older, they're sense of humours are becoming even more hilarious and inappropriate (I'm probably to be blamed for that one) and they're blossoming into ridiculously amazing girls who are soon going to be too cool to hang out with me, though Alba and I plan on moving to London together, so she's stuck with me for a while yet. Just over a year ago, we became friends with Noelia and I feel the exact same way about her as I do about Saoirse and Alba. Now that I have a full year and a half exams ahead of me, as well as a job, I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like. I see them for about two hours a week, if that, and this is something that is not okay with me so, now that it's the holidays, I decided to do something about it; I planned a trip for us to go shopping and to the beach! I've separated this into two different blog posts as we took far too many photos, even with them all limited down!

As you'll see from the photos attached below and from the rather obvious blog title, this one is all about my favourite hobby; shopping. As soon as I arrived home and had a look through the photos we'd taken, I realised that we hadn't actually taken many of us shopping. Instead, I found a whole load of pictures of fabric. Yes, I am turning into that person. Oh well, it's no secret that I want to study fashion but it is probably a bit sad that I get excited about fabric. Don't worry, though, I've kept them firmly out the way of this blog post. Because of there being so little photos of us doing any shopping, I've included some of us on the train. Some are nice, others are... not so nice? There are true truly awful but HILARIOUS ones of Saoirse for I and, unfortunately for us, there are even worse ones saved on my camera and laptop. I'm not even sure why I'm including the two awful ones of Saoirse and I!

Anyway, we'd planned on going to the beach first, then to do some shopping, then for lunch and then finally, to the cinema. Yeah, none of that really happened. We just went shopping, for lunch, more shopping and then a quick stroll along the beach. The films we wanted to see were Divergent (despite me having already seen it seven times), The Grant Budapest Hotel, The Amazing Spider Man 2 and the new Sleeping Beauty. Unfortunately, none of these films come out in Spain until next week so we are planning on going back next week to watch one, or maybe two of these films.. 

I hope you enjoy the photos!

I know the top doesn't match, this is just the top I went shopping in - I was trying the blazer and trousers on!

my favourite thing about this photo is that my face is basically the exact same colour as the statue.

What have you been up to during the holidays?
Let me know in the comments below!

-I did of course buy a few itmes, and they will be coming up in a haul pretty soon!-