Sunday, 13 April 2014


So this past week was supposed to be one of the best weeks of the year. My best friend of 15 years, Meg, and her mam were coming over to stay, as well as close family friends. They all arrived safe and sound but, just my luck, the day before they arrived I was struck down with some sort of flu or sinusitis. I spent four days mostly in bed, watching an unhealthy amount of TV shows and films, instead of being out and about enjoying life in the sun with my friends! Meg has spent half of her time outside getting a ridiculously good tan and the other half in my room with the shutters closed and the lights off, watching LOST. 
My mood did dramatically improve when I was given a large collection of cadburys chocolate buttons, creme eggs, marshmallows, chocolate milk, DVDs and clothes though. They clearly all know the way to my heart. And yeah, I guess it was okay seeing them (kidding - it was the BEST).
Now that everyone has left and I am on holiday, I thought I'd share some photos from the past week! I'm not one to let things get me down, and sinusitis wasn't going to stop me. Yes, I may have had to take 50 packs of tissues and vaseline to cover up the redness of my nose everywhere we went, but that was something I was willing to do.

We spent most of our time together doing what we do best; eating. My whole healthy eating/healthy lifestyle went completely out the window the moment Meg arrived in Spain and I don't regret a second of it. Well, maybe just a bit. Due to me being ill, we didn't get out much as usual nor did we take as many pictures, but here are some of my favourites from the past week;

my eyebrow game hasn't been strong since my eyebrows STARTED FALLING OUT
au natural - Meg did my make-up this day as I'd left all of mine at Julia's. We took this picture and Meg said "I probably should have put some make-up on your other chin. Rude

I know that this has just been a short post mainly consisting of pictures, but it was just my way of showing that everyone needs a Meg in their life.