Friday, 18 April 2014

Beach Stroll.

If you've seen yesterday's blog post, you'll know that as well as recently spending a day shopping with three of my favourite people, we also went for a stroll along the beach! Well, I say it was a stroll. It was more of a two mile walk to the beach and then standing in the same spot for half an hour and, in my case, getting rather sunburnt. It's hard work being as pale as I am, haha. And yes, I did wear a leather skirt, D&G watch, Pandora bracelet and a Cambridge bag knowing full well that I was going to the beach and that is something I am not ashamed of. Admittedly should I have lost or gotten a single mark on any of these items, I'd have probably crawled up in a ball and cried and/or hit someone [That last part isn't true (it definitely is)].
I hope you enjoy the pictures from part two of my day!

I love them really, though I do not love the man photobombing us.

I'm not quite sure if that is a man diving into the sea behind us or a rather large fish. Let's go with a man
Saoirse really wanted to go in the sea
hate you both

apparently I hate Saoirse and Saoirse needed to sneeze

And that's it! Now that Summer is here, I'm sure they'll be plenty more beach posts to come. I do promise they'll be a bit more interesting too, containing activities such as surfing, fishing and water slides!

What have you been up to during the holidays?