Friday, 18 April 2014

Mini Haul.

I love shopping. I would do it all day if I could but, unfortunately, being a poor student that has plans on moving to London sometime in the next year stops me from doing that. Oh, and the fact that my friends literally have to hold me back and pull me out of shops because there is a 512% chance that I will start stroking random items of clothes and will attempt to buy things just for the sake of buying things if I am not stopped. It's a good job my friends love me. I'd like to blame this on my love of fashion, but I do also probably have a an addiction to clothes. It could be worse. I could have had a child at 12 years old (No judgement). 
With my love of all things clothes and fashion growing at an alarming rate, it's got to the point where I come home from shops with photos of fabric and prints on my phone. Yes, I am that person. I'd like to say that someone needs to save me from myself but I actually find it quite fun and therapeutic. Okay, yes, someone needs to put and end to this now, please.

Anyway, if you've read my last two blog posts (yes, I'm milking this day for all it's worth), you'll know that some friends and I recently went shopping. Because of my love of all things clothes, when I do get the chance to go shopping, I obviously to do not say no. In the past two years of so, I've stopped buying cheaper clothes that I know will break in a few years time, and have started spending a little extra on clothes that I know will last. In other words, I'm going for quality over quantity. Because of this, I only came back with a few items but oh boy, are they worth it. 

Yellow Blazer - Stradivarius - 29,99€ My friends and I spent hours in Stradivarius. I've been a fan of theirs for a while now and own a lot of clothes from there but I think it's safe to say that they have absolutely killed it with their new collection. We genuinely did not want to leave and spent about an hour just browsing the racks and then probably about another 30-45 minutes trying things on. I wanted everything but, alas, I couldn't afford it all so settled on two items, one of which was this gorgeous yellow blazer. It has pockets on either side and features black and white spotty detailing on the inside and on the roll up of the sleeves. I worried it was a bit bright, though my friends assured me it was fine and then....

Printed Harem Trousers - Stradivarius - 19,99€ I tried on these trousers.  I a.) loved the trousers. I loved the fit, print and how comfy they were and b.) loved how they went with my blazer. It was a done deal and I ended up getting both. I actually tried on a grand total of six pairs of trousers, three of which were harem, and I felt my heart breaking as I walked away and left the others behind. I could have afforded another pair but decided to put my purse away and save the money for another time. I was clearly suffering from a headache. Don't worry though, there are plenty of photos of them saved on my phone... I've already given the trousers their first outing and plan on wearing my blazer out on Sunday, which I presume you will see in a future blog post!

Nail Varnish - KIKO - 1€ It seems that I have an obsession with nail varnish as well as clothes, and the colour of this one was just too pretty to pass up on. Plus, it was in the sale! I'm probably just making up excuses now, but I'm going to continue to use them for as long as I need to. I did almost buy an orange lipstick but Alba literally dragged me out the shop to stop me from buying it. I pointed out that I have two favourite lipsticks; a red one, which is perfect for Autumn; and a dark berry one, which is perfect for Winter which clearly meant that I needed an orange one for Spring and Summer. She was having none of it. I'll just have to go back next week. Anyway, back to the nail varnish. Whether you add one coat or two, it is a gorgeous colour! Though in some lighting, it does remind me of barbecue sauce...

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte - 18,99€ I didn't actually buy this, it was a present! I was shopping with some family friends a few days ago and asked their opinions on two necklaces that I liked; one was 12,99€ and the other was 18,99€ and we all agreed that the more expensive one was nicer but I decided I didn't want to spend that much. Next thing I knew, they were at the counter buying it for me! I've worn it nearly every day since!

Have you purchased any new items recently?
Let me know in the comments below!