Thursday, 10 April 2014


Yes, that's right, it's time for another wishlist. Admittedly a new item (or more) seems to make it on to this list on a daily basis, but I've managed to narrow it down to just seven items. It's a miracle, I know. I've also managed to keep them (mostly) affordable and I'm sure that there's something in this list for everyone!

  1. Leather backpack from Stradivarius:  I'm hoping to do a bit of travelling and to go on some adventures this Summer, and this would be the perfect bag to take with me. All the bags I own are just one shouldered and a bit more of a handbag type style, so I'm in need of something with pockets and that I can carry around with me all day long. This bag comes with multiple pockets, adjustable straps and, best of all, is made of 'Leather', so I can still look like my usual fashionable self on my travels.

2. Nike Free Runs: Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I tend to go on a 40 minute jog every    day, as well as doing another form of exercise. Unfortunately, my trainers are now every so slightly               trashed, have some holes in them and are a bit to small and I am in desperate need of some new ones.          Preferably Nike Free Runs 5.0 in black but I'm not picky (I am).

3. Loose fit printed trousers from H&M:  I've been obsessed with printed jeans and trousers recently        and feel like it's time to add another pair to my collection! I recently found this pair on the H&M website        and, at just 7,99, they are a steal! They seem like a perfect material for Summer and will be great on              Summer nights.

4. Real Techniques Travel Essentials kit: Admittedly I actually want all of the Real Techniques make-up     brushes but unfortunately, I can't afford them all. I've decided to compromise (admittedly with myself) and     go with the travel essentials kit, which I will obviously not just use when travelling. The come with the main     brushes so would be the perfect addition to my make-up set.

5. T in the Park tickets:  I went to T in the Park last year and it was honestly one of the best moments of       my life. I met some incredible people, met some celebrities (holla), was on tv and got to see so many of         my favourite acts live, and now I'm determined to do it all again this year! Who cares about going 5 days      without a shower and only being able to use portaloos (okay I definitely care about that one) when you're       having such a good time?! The line-up for this year is incredible and I'm desperate to go again!

5. Vogue Subscription: I'm an avid reader of Vogue and a great collector of all their samples, something         I've been doing since I was five years old. Reading Vogue online and only getting to see the headline            stories, without any of the products, is just not the same. It's time for me to put some money towards            Anna Wintour's pension fund and subscribe to Vogue.