Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Adventures in Keswick and Redcar.

This post was originally going to be about my time in England so far but, having looked through the photos on my camera, I realised I haven't taken nearly as many photos as I would have liked/should have. I'm currently three weeks in to a three month long stay in the U.K and I've so far visiting family in Bristol, Wales, the north-east and London. I didn't take any photos in Bristol or Wales and took the first lot of photos of London yesterday, but I did take a lot in the north-east. Most of my time was spent in Darlington, with Julia and Jed, who are like my second parents. We've already decided that, when the time comes, Jed will be the one that walks me down the aisle!

During my time at their house, we went to Redcar beach. Despite how cold it was, it was still an amazing day and the beach was breath-taking! That's where you get the ferry to Holland so I sent a photo to my friend saying 'Hello, Amsterdam' and she believed me! We climbed to the top of the sea house, took long walks on the beach and even went to the arcade, where Jed spent £5 trying to win me a Sadness toy from Inside Out.

He tried...

The day after we were at Redcar, we decided to head to Keswick, in the Lake District. Keswick is actually where Julia and Jed got married so, as it was only two days before their anniversary, we decided to head to Leeming House, which is the hotel they got married in, as well as exploring the town of Keswick. I knew Keswick was beautiful but I didn't expect to be so taken away by the beauty of it. I think I had my camera permanently attached to my hand. Even Jed got into the blogging groove, telling me to walk here and there. He also told me to close my mouth which, after seeing these photos, he was spot on about, haha!

Jed really got into the whole blogging thing

Bloody bird...

Hope you enjoyed looking at a few photos from my travels! I'm sure there will plenty more to come. Some friends and I are actually going on a blogging mission on Sunday.

Have you been doing much travelling lately?
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