Friday, 9 October 2015

My Room.

It's official - today is the day I set off on my travels. In fact, I'm just about to leave for the airport. My suitcases are packed and I'm ready to go. As I plan on travelling, I'm limited in what I can take. I'm taking the necessities but, as I'm so into fashion and own a lot of clothes, this has proved to be a challenge. It also means I've had to leave everything in my room behind, including my memory box (another post on that soon!). My room is like my sanctuary. I've worked hard to make it homey, cosy and to make it a space that represents me and one that I want to spend time in. As I won't actually be spending time in it for a good while, I thought I'd share some photos of my favourite things in my room. I feel like it'll be a nice post to look over when, and if, I start to feel homesick.

  • The Beauty Section: Unlike most people my age, I don't have a vanity or Muji make-up separators - I keep make-up in bags in a box on my chest of drawers box. Something I do have on show are my perfumes, my make-up brushes and my glass jewellery box, as well as a coaster with a K on it, where I sit my everyday jewellery. This section of my room is probably my favourite and is one that everyone comments on when they see it. I also have a TFIOS mug with some of my favourite pairs of sunglasses inside.

  • The Letter K: Anyone who walked in to my room would probably think I'm extremely self-centred. After all, there are about eight different K's in my room, as well as prints with my names on. The K's actually start at my bedroom door, with four K's dotted around, as well as a 'Kate's Room' sign and an envelope with my name on.

  • My Mirror: My mirror takes centre place in my room. You can see yourself in it no matter where you stand. This might sound a little vain, but I love it - not because I can see myself, but because I can see what's stuck around it. Over the years, I've added photos, badges, things people have made me, stickers (I personally don't consider the High School Musical ones to be a mistake) and a lot, lot more.

  • Fashion Books: Though I don't own that many, my collection is slowly growing. By the time I have my own house and coffee table, I'll have enough coffee books to rival even Anna Wintour's collection. All of these have been gifts from my lovely friends. Behind them is where I keep my lipsticks and earrings; to the right, a discoball which actual doubles up as speakers and, in front, a K.
  • Bookshelf: Just like my mirror, I use my bookshelf for things other than it's usual purpose. Obviously there are plenty of books on there, most of which are books from my childhood that I can't bare to get rid of (Jacqueline Wilson, anyway?), but there are also plenty of trinkets from my travels and photos of my friends. Some of my favourite things are all the K tiles, my London Zoo snowglobe, my glow in the dark rubber duck and my Dumbledore Chocolate Frog card from Harry Potter that does actually move (!). 
  • Travel Wall: This wall represents a big part of my life. There are boarding passes, entrance passes, festival tickets... Basically anything from my travels from the past seven years. I'm hoping to make a scrapbook of them all, including the ones I'll be acquiring over the next year or so. There is also a scan of my first niece, some postcards from friends and some Picasso postcards. I call it my travel wall - it represents my travels and some of my friends'.
  • Memory Boxes: I am a very sentimental person and struggle to throw anything away, but there are some things that really do mean a lot to me and that I'd like to keep forever. I currently have two rather large boxes, and I'm sure there will be soon be another. I plan on making a separate post about these, so you'll just have to wonder what's inside them for now!
  • Birthday and Christmas Cards: As mentioned above, I struggle to throw anything away... This includes birthday and Christmas cards. I probably stopped throwing cards away the year I moved to Spain, so starting with my leaving cards. I've since kept birthday and Christmas cards, invitations and thank-you cards. My family despair. I keep them in a box on one of my bookshelves and also on my bedside cabinet.
  • Pinboard and Photos: My travel wall is rather disorganised, but that's the way I like it. I figure like it's a good way to describe my travels, as there's nothing I love more than just getting up and going. Adventures aren't supposed to be organised, which is why everything is just dotted around. My pinboard is slightly more tidy. On there I had my horse riding rosettes, my signed TITP card, photos of my horse, a lot of stuff from Paris and more. The three photos include some of my favourite people. 
  • Space and Time: So I don't exactly have time on my wall, but I figured it was a catchy title. You know during the early 2000s when everyone suddenly went crazy for glow in the dark stars? Well, I still have mine. Stars, moons, planets, comets... I have the lot, dotted around my sun shaped mirror and inbetween my star fairylights. The W is actually a Christmas tree ornament, as my last name is Wilson.

What do you think makes a house a home?
How have you decorated your room?
Let me know in the comments below!