Friday, 23 October 2015

Clarins Moisturiser Review.

My skin goes through phases: it is either very oily or very dry, no inbetween. Surprisingly, during the past few warmer months, it's been very dry which is quite surprising considering the heat wave we have been suffering through. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have dry skin during 40 degree weather but it's been hard finding a moisturiser that helps my skin feel hydrated.

Most moisturisers that I have previously tried have been okay - I haven't loved them, but I haven't hated them. I just felt like, as soon as they were applied, my skin was just soaking it all up immediately, leaving me feeling like I had to apply more. But I haven't found that with the Clarins moisturiser. I've found that it sits well on my skin, is practically fragrance free and leaves my skin feeling replenished and hydrated. Even better, it works as a great primer for make-up! I find that my make-up always sit much better when I use this than when I don't.

Have you ever tried this moisturiser? What did you think of it?
Please leave suggestions of others for me to try out!