Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Coco Melody Sale.*

Can someone please explain why I keep finding myself thinking about weddings? I think I'm going to one in November but, other than that, there's no reason for me to be thinking about them. I've even been listening to romantic songs, thinking how nice they'd sound at my own. Bit weird, considering I'm currently single. I'm guessing this is down to my brain thinking about all the wedding emails I've been sent from brands, asking me to take a look at their dresses, including Coco Melody...

I actually took a look at Coco Melody's site and it left me wondering what kind of wedding I'd want. Though I'm not religious, I'd like to do it in an old, traditional church or cathedral, but I don't like the idea of everyone staring at me as I walk down the aisle (#BeetrootFace), so maybe a beach wedding and destination wedding dresses are more my thing? Somewhere like Hawaii or Bali with only our closest family and friends.

Though for beach wedding dresses, most people would probably prefer something short so that it didn't get covered in sand, which is awful and seems to get everywhere, but I still think you can wear a longer dress, especially if there is some sort of path or decking. Each to their own.

I've probably got a while before I have to decide on a destination wedding or one closer to home! That said, if you're looking to get married, then Coco Melody currently have a great sale on, as shown below. The offer is exclusive to online sales. Most dresses are also half price at the moment.

                                                          Are any of you planning a wedding? 
If so, have you got your dress and where is it from?
Let me know in the comments below!