Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Day Out in Hamstead Heath.

Just because I'm now in Australia doesn't mean I can't reminisce about my wonderful time in London, especially my last week, which was spent exploring and visiting the most famous sites, including Hamstead. My friend, Amita, and I headed there one day after a three hour wait in A&E. Admittedly this probably wasn't the best thing to do having popped my knee in and out of place, but my time in England was running out and I was determined to make the most of every moment. 

Something even worse to do than walking around on uneven terrain with a poorly knee was probably climbing this rather large tree that had fallen over. Amita was very worried and I probably would have ended up scaling one of the numerous trees if she hadn't stopped me. If there's a tree to be climbed, I will climb it - dislocated knee or not.  

One of the main reasons we chose Hamstead Heath as one of our last outings together, for now at least, is because of the infamous view from the top Primrose Hill, where you can see most of London in it's entirety. Amita and I are both obsessed with sunsets and, though we didn't stick around until the end, we were certainly not disappointed. The sun popped it's head out the moment we got to Primrose Hill, which of course meant a number of photos had to be taken. 

As it got darker, the clouds started to draw in and it also got freezing cold. We tried to stick it out but, as our hands started to turn purple and my teeth wouldn't stop chattering, we decided we couldn't wait another fifteen minutes so decided to head off to the train. We managed to get a good enough view from the train, but it had really clouded over by this point so it wouldn't have been the sunset we had been hoping for anyway (think the purple and orange ones that you only ever see on Instagram).

Despite the cold, it was definitely a day to remember and the sun made all the different when it eventually came out. Another highlight was greeting as many dogs as we could. We are the type of people that will just stop in the middle of a street in order to pet a dog. I think the best part of the day was just being able to completely switch off, as I made a point to put my phone on airplane mode, and enjoy the view. It was a great time to look back on my time in London (and also look across the city) and reflect on everything that had happened. I will definitely be heading back. It's close to Camden too, which is always worth a visit!

Have any of you ever been to Hamstead Heath?
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