Tuesday, 16 February 2016

There Will Always Be Paris.

The photos included in this post were taken during our last few days in Paris. With our Eurostar being at 3pm, I (lovingly) demanded that we left the house at 7am, desperate to make the most of our last few hours in my favourite city, and what a great few hours they were. We ended up starting off at the Notre Dame, where we caught the sunrise and a man gave me a bracelet, before heading to Bastille and Victor Hugo's house. This was followed by a quick Parisian breakfast of coffee and croissants. Though I'm heading off to Australia soon, I'm already trying to fit in my next trip to Paris.

Sunglasses - Tiger
Shirt - Pull and Bear
Jacket - Stradivarius
Jeans - Stradivarius
Shoes - Converse
Bag - River Island

Hope you're all having a nice day/evening!