Sunday, 28 February 2016

February Favourites - Travel Instagrammers.

Travelling isn't just a hobby of mine, it's a passion. I'm constantly dreaming about exploring new cities & countries and rediscovering those that I've already visited & had the chance to explore. The list of places I want to visit is endless. From beach getaways to city breaks, warm summers to cold summers, busy cities to empty towns... I want to visit them all! There is so much to see, it's just so hard to keep up! One way I like to keep track and make lists of places to visit is through Instagram! I follow a lot of people that Instagram their travels for a living which has to be the ultimate dream, right?! I follow a lot of people and thought I'd share some of my favourites with you all. 

  • MrBenBrown: Ben Brown is one of my favourite people on the internet. Not only do I love his Instagram and YouTube channel, but I love him as a person. He is such happy person who is determined to put his healthy, positive spin and outlook out into the world, and it's clear that his followers appreciate that. It even comes across in his images. Ben is also the main reason I plan on visiting Cape Town this year. If it wasn't for him, I, like many other people, would still consider South Africa too much of a dangerous place to visit. 

  • VisitCopenhagen: Copenhagen is a city I haven't yet had the chance of visiting but, if it's anything like how it looks on this Instagram, then I definitely want to go. I only recently started following this account so haven't had the chance to see photos of the city during warmer months but it looks insane during the Winter. It's insane how tourism boards no longer have to rely on websites or magazines to promote their countries, they can do it all on Instagram with photos that other people visiting have taken! That is one of the main reasons I love Instagram.

  •  EmmaSHBates: Emma's account is easily one of my favourite accounts, not just travel wise but on all of Instagram. It doesn't have anything to do with the filters that she uses, as the changes she makes to her photos are very subtle, it's just the way she captions moments and memories. I love how the six photos I've included were taken in so many different countries and even continents - London, India, Costa Rica, Kenya and New York... I've lived in London but the other four are currently on my travel bucket list. She's living the dream.

  •  the_Candouris: Juan-Peter Schulze is someone else that is living the absolute dream. One of my goals in life is to be able to just get up and go, whenever I want and with whoever I want. I guess I am currently sort of able to do that, with the only thing potentially putting a stop to it is money. Flights and accommodation these days are so expensive, but there are ways around it, something that Juan-Peter proves by having his very own (very small) plane. The photos he captures both on the ground and from up in the air are breath-taking., and I love seeing things from a different perspective. 

  •  kevinwonka: Kevin is mainly based in one of my favourite cities in the world; New York City. It's a massive cliché, I know, but it is my dream to live in New York, despite never having actually been. I'm hoping to get there some time soon but, for now at least, I'm pretty happy constantly refreshing Kevin's page. He really does capture the beauty and atmosphere of the city that never sleeps.  

  •  newyorkerdem: Out of all the travel instagrammers I follow, most of them are based in New York, Venice or somewhere tropical, like Bali. Not only does this give me massive travel FOMO, but it's also incredibly dangerous for my bank account. I have noticed a few sites, like STA Travel, having a sale on flights to New York recently though, so hopefully there might be a few images like those featured below on my Instagram account... I can't get over how beautiful the sunsets are! 

  •  polkadotpassport: As mentioned before, I follow a lot of Instagrammers that constantly seem to be in tropical places, like Bali or Thailand, two places I can't wait to visit. Nicola seems to be in a new place each week, something I am constantly dreaming about. The photos of green leaves, blue skies and orange sunsets are some of my favourites.

  • wonguy974: Olivier is another person that seems to be in a different city of country, week in, week out. Unlike most, he doesn't seem to be in tropical countries, choosing instead busy city breaks and, most recently, snow. Some of my favourite images of his recently were taken in both Paris and New York, my two favourite cities in the world, so it's no surprise that I love his account. 

  •  tommyeliassen: If there's one thing that I'm desperate to see in the next few years or, hopefully, months, it's the Northern Lights. I've actually been invited to Norway, where photographer Tommy is based, to stay with some friends, so I'll hopefully be able to see them in full-effect, just as they are shown in his photos. What a beautiful place to live!

Who are your favourite travel Instagrammers?
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