Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Snowy Day at Richmond Park.

You know those people who make you forget to look at your phone and who make time fly? Ariadna is one of them. A prime example of this is how we went out for dinner together a few weeks ago, ready for a good old catch-up after two weeks apart (sob), only to end up spending an entire four days together. Our first day consisted of going out for dinner, Leonard DiCaprio waving at us and us not realising because we were too busy talking (classic us) and then walking straight past Tom Hardy without realising until it was too late. Those last two things made us both very angry. Day 2 was spent getting all dressed up, heading out for a night out and then staying up until 5am before rolling out of bed at 10am for day 3, which was brunch at Granger & Co. and a walk around London. Our final day was spent at Richmond Park, which I thought I'd share some photos of.

Britain doesn't exactly cope well with change or 'extreme' weather, and when I say extreme, I mean something other than a grey, drizzly day. If it's too hot, cars catch fire and supermarkets close because they can't keep their produce cold enough. If it's too hot, everyone rushes to the supermarket and stocks up in food in case their is a food shortage and people are stuck in the arms. On the other hand, if you're Ariadna and I, you run out to Richmond Park to play in the snow, a rare site to be seen in London (the snow that is, not Ariadna and I running... Though that's pretty rare too).

If there is a tree to be climbed. I will climb it

The night before the snow was scheduled to hit London, Ariadna and I had decided to bite the bullet and head out to Richmond Park to do a bit of exercise, which is something completely different to what we usually do together (eating, drinking, shopping...). On the tube up there, I saw photos upon photos on the Richmond Park Instagram hashtag of people playing in what looked to be a lot of snow. Though most of it had unfortunately melted by the time we got there, there was still enough to have fun with and build a snowman. We were like little kids at Christmas and it was so hard to believe that we were still in London, it felt like we'd travelling to a different country and not just 30 minutes up the road (we live in London, okay? Even seeing a tree is a big deal to us). 

We had three things on our tick-list; to see the deer that roam freely around Richmond Park, to see a horse (I used to ride) and to see snow, and we somehow managed to tick them all of! I know the deer must be used to people wandering around, but I was surprised at just how close we managed to get. We obviously didn't get too close as we didn't want to invade their territory, but it was still amazing to get as close as we did. One thing we didn't quite expect to see was a Chinese lady getting bitten by a swan as she stupidly decided to start trying to pet it and feed it bread, even after I said not to.

It was such a relaxing day out and the air just felt so clean, it was like I could breathe properly for the first time in ages. We actually walked all the way along and through the park, so we got some exercise in there too, which is also good, and doing it with Ariadna was a great way to pass the time. Just a short walk from the park, there are plenty of shops and restaurants, all varying in price. 

Have any of you ever been to Richmond Park?
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