Sunday, 22 May 2016

Clinique All About Eyes Review.

Whether it be their make-up or skincare, I've always been a fan of the brand Clinique. It's a brand that most females in my family have used and continue to use, so growing up in a household where Clinique products were considered to be staple items, it came as no surprise that I loved it too. I haven't tried as much of their make-up as I'd like (I'm desperate to try their foundation and undereye concealer!), though I do love their eyeshadows and mascara, but I've definitely tried my fair share of their skincare, including the All About Eyes range. 

As a firm lover of the All About Eyes cream, which reduces puffiness and dark circles, I figured it was time to try the serum. The serum acts as a de-puffing eye massage, with the silver rollerball immediately cooling the eye are, reducing any puffiness and swelling. I recently recommended this to a friend who is a massive crier, and she said it really helped with her puffy eyes.

Just like with the cream, I definitely noticed a difference in my bags when using this. I started using during a rather stressful time, meaning I wasn't getting much sleep. I found that it brightened the under-eye area, making me appear much more awake than I felt, and also that it helped me feel much more calm. I applied it both under my eyes and across my lids and left it to soak.

Have any of you tried this?
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