Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Is There Something I Should Know? - CocoMelody*

I'm officially scared; people keep talking to me about weddings and babies. The topics just seem to keep popping up in conversation, I'm even attending an event about "lamb babies" with a friend tonight. Is this a sign? If so, then  don't think I'm ready. I don't even know if I want to get married, all I know is that, if I do, I want a really expensive designer wedding dress. Think Elie Saab or basically just something that I'm going to have to sell my right leg for (though luckily I do have pretty good legs...). Luckily Coco Melody have a great range of designer wedding dresses for more than affordable prices. 

Some of my favourites include the wedding dresses with sleeves. I'm not a massive fan of my arms so will probably have them covered on my special day, anything to get out of spending the months before my wedding at the gym, a place I have only entered once in my life, and that was just to use the steam room, jacuzzi and sauna. See? Even I'm now starting to talk like I'm getting married...

Be sure to check out CocoMelody and all of their designer wedding dresses! They offer free shipping on wedding dresses over $300. Just use the code featured above! Be quick though, as the offer ends at the end of the month.  

What is your ideal wedding dress?
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