Thursday, 5 May 2016

Getting Married?*

It's official - Spring has sprung and wedding season is officially upon us. I love how, year upon year, people in the UK often plan their wedding for this time of year, thinking that the sun will be shining, when, in reality, there is never any guarantee of sunshine. That being said, come rain or shine, I do love a good wedding. My favourite part is obviously deciding what to wear and, you know, love and all that. I love seeing everyone, each with their own individual style, come together and, I won't lie, I love seeing couples in matching outfits. When it comes to men's style, I think suit jackets look great at the actual wedding ceremony, but should be left at home (or in the car!) for the party afterwards - drinks get spilled or they end up getting taken off anyway. Though women spend so much time deciding what to wear, especially to weddings, I still think we have it easier. There is just so much variety! Trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses... Luckily, Paul Fredrick are here to help the lads out. Paul Fredrick offer a great range of men's pieces, so I've put a few outfits together, with pieces from their Summer collection, as well as showing you what I'd wear if it was my partner wearing those particular outfits.



 What is your ideal outfit for a wedding?
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