Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lost in the World.

It's safe to say that I have seen and done most things that Perth has to offer. It's been fun but, if I'm honest, I'd probably have left earlier if it hadn't been for my job ($$$). Because of this, I decided it was time to head a bit further afield, just to stretch my wings, before heading east next month. My aunt, cousin and I decided it was time for a roadtrip. We didn't head too far (you can drive for three hours in Australia and still only make it to the next city), but it was far enough. We headed down to the Margaret River region, located some three to four hours away from Perth. We visited Busselton, Bunbury, Yellingup, as well as a few other places. Despite the bad weather, I still enjoyed my wet and windy walks on the beach (you can take the girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl). Fun fact; Australians hate rain. A bit of drizzle and they were running for the hills. 

One thing they do love is wine tasting. In fact, they enjoy any kind of tasting; sherry, chocolate, cheese, meats, sausage... This wasn't the traditional roadtrip where you stop of at McDonalds and roadside cafes - we ate a lot. It actually got to the point where I was having to refuse things (I never say no to food), undo my trouser button (you're welcome for that image) and almost have a lie down in the car. As well as eating a tonne of food (almost literally) and enjoying walks on the beach, we visited a dolphin sanctuary, explored caves some 85 metres below ground and even visited an underwater observatory, where I enjoyed a good flirt and hour long chat/date with our tour guide while the rest of the group dispersed and my aunt & cousin sat four floors above us, disapproving slightly and thinking about how they couldn't take me anywhere. They may not be likely to return but I most definitely will be. Here are some photos from my trip...

Have any of you been on a roadtrip?
If so, where did you go?
Let me know in the comments below!