Thursday, 19 May 2016

Memory Box #2.

Back in November, I shared a few items from my Memory Box. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a horder, I'm just an extremely sentimental person who can't bare to throw anything away and who keeps things that others probably chucked or would chuck in the bin at first opportunity. Either way, I enjoyed the post and going through some of the things in there, so thought it was time for part two.

  • Certificates: I don't know if they do stuff like this in other countries (I know they don't in Spain) but assemblies were and are a big thing in the U.K, especially on a Friday, when awards are given out. There are some chosen by teachers, others by the headteacher. At my old school, you used to even get a special pencil each time you reached a certain amount of points. I think this is actually a really good idea as it's so important to reward children at that age. 
  • Harry Potter Poster: If you've ever been to The Harry Potter Warner Bros studio, then you'll know exactly what that is. Expensive, but so worth it. I'm going to have to go back to take a new, more updated one of these - maybe with a different setting as there are plenty to choose from - and one where we don't look like sweaty messes after a day of running around at the best place ever!

  • Photos and Cards: As I've mentioned a few times now, I always keep cards. This is a goodbye card I received when I moved to Spain. Yes, that is me in the photos and yes, I was very cute - I don't even need you to tell me, I know it's true. I think the hairstyle was from a Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine, featuring the butterfly clips that were huge in the 90s, when this photo was taken. The Tinkerbell dress really does complete the outfit, along with the pink nails and pen/microphone. Even my eyebrows look great. I styled myself, obviously.
  • School Projects: We never really got to do many projects at school but when we did, we went all out. I've obviously kept them all, including the remote control car I (my neighbour) made for Technology, but my favourite was when we got to design our own perfumes. I went all out, creating a day perfume and a night perfume. The evening perfume (the discoball) is probably my favourite. Not sure why I went for a yellow box though... I probably ran out of pens.
  • Junior School T-Shirt: This is definitely another British tradition - getting your t-shirt signed on the last day of school. This one if from my last day of Junior school, just before I moved to Spain. I don't have one from high school, as it's not a Spanish tradition, which makes my junior one extra special. I moved before the end of term, so I felt very special being the only one with a shirt signed by lots of people at school, teachers and staff.

Do any of you have memory boxes? 
Let me know in the comments below!