Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Children - Blogmas Day 20.

It probably would have been a good idea to post all of my Christmas Gift Guides during the first half of December, but there are no doubt more than a few of you who are actually yet to buy any Christmas presents. I'll admit, I used to be one of you, but I've had presents picked out since July. Yes, I'm now one of them people... The final edition is a selection of presents for children! I have both a niece and a nephew under the age of 2, but I've tried to include something in there for everyone.

1. Sophie, the Giraffe: I'm pretty sure that everyone that has a baby owns one of these. Apparently they're perfect for teething. Not too sure why it's called Sophie though...
2. A Xylophone: I had a xylophone when I was younger and remember spending hours on it. I must have driven everyone mad! Earplugs are optional.
3. A Baking Set: I loved getting involved with baking when I was younger, just because it meant licking the spoons. Admittedly this didn't happen as much as I would have liked, so I turned to mud pies, there was just less spoon-licking involved.
4. A Train: These are great personalised gifts. I've actually got my nephew, Oscar, one for Christmas. They can be used either as a decoration or as an actual toy.
5. A TeePee: Forget my niece and nephew, I'm buying one of these for myself! These can be found in most shops. As much as I love this one, which Kourtney Kardashian also has, I'm a big fan of themed versions, especially ones that look like castles and jungles. I, myself, had a pink, heart-shaped Barbie one that had it's very own catwalk.
6. A Bubble Machine: I think I'm just picking out things that are making me remember and think of my own childhood, as well as things that I still very much plan with nowadays. Bubble Machines are perfect for getting outdoors and are sure to provide hours of entertainment.
7. Costumes: What child doesn't love playing dress-up, especially with the array of princess and superheroes there are around nowadays. Frozen and Captain America costumes are personal favourites of mine, and are great for most age ranges.
8. Disney Pixar Complete Collection: When my brother told me that he'd purchased this for my niece, I originally thought he was joking. This was mainly down to the fact that I couldn't understand why he'd be so cruel as to not buy it for me. I still haven't forgiven him. 
9. A Lava Lamp: Though you can't necessarily play with it, they still provide hours of fun. I used to lie for ages, just simply watching mine. Or at least I did, until I accidentally hit it with a football. Mathmos do a great collection, in a wide variety of colours.
10. A Tea Set: My favourite toy, other than Barbies, when I was younger was my kitchen. It was probably the best thing my parents ever bought for me, as it provided years of entertainment. Each Christmas or Birthday, I'd receive yet more things to go with it. Food, cutlery, you name it, I had it. Kitchens themselves can be quite expensive, so a tea set would be the perfect substitute. 

And that's it! What do you plan on buying for the younger members of your family?
Let me know in the comments below!