Sunday, 14 December 2014

Invaluable Watches* - Blogmas Day 14.

My Christmas list has been stuck up on the fridge for a good two months now, and it is so long that it could probably fill up as much space as the collection of Vogue magazines in Anna Wintour's house. Okay, maybe not that many (I am known to exaggerate) but it's still rather long. The length of it could have something to do with some rather nice looking expensive watches. There are so many different ones to choose from and, as there's not really anywhere to look at lots in one place, I think it's hard to shop for them. Well, it was until I was introduced to Invaluable and their watch selection.

Yes, watches are handy, but with everyone now having an electronic device to use for the time, they are becoming more and more of a fashion statement. While many people prefer a bit more of a simple touch, I'm all about the kind that can really change an outfit. 

Invaluable Watches offers a great range of both men's and women's watches, as well as other jewellery, but I am personally more drawn towards the men's. The women's featured on the side are a bit to sparkly and thin for me. I prefer something like a Cartier or Rolex plain watch, but with a much cheaper price tag. 

Thankfully for me, Invaluable watches offers a range of watches, all varying in price. The idea is simple; you find a watch you like and watch the bidding war commence, pun not intended. It's a bit like eBay for watches, though you're guaranteed that the watches are going to be in great condition. Designer watches for great prices and in great condition? Yes, please.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see if anyone bids on the Cartier watch and Rolex watch that I have my eye on...