Friday, 5 December 2014

Flashback Friday #12 - Blogmas Day 5.

It's official, this is the penultimate edition of Flashback Friday! Admittedly, I have really enjoyed writing these posts, so this feature might just make a return in 2015 but I guess only time will tell! You do all seem to be enjoying it though, so that's nice.

This week's Flashback Friday is from sometime last January, when some friends and I went to a theatre, did a bit of shopping and sightseeing in a place that most of my friends have lived all their lives! It just goes to show that there's always something new to discover, despite how long you've lived somewhere and how well you think you know that place.

I actually did a post on this day out, so be sure to click here to read about it in full detail. Despite having already written a post on it, it really was a memorable day so I thought it would be nice to include some of my favourite photos. When I originally started this feature, the idea was originally to only include one photo, something I seem to have forgotten in the past few posts... oops.

Have you had any nice days out with friends recently?