Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Partners - Blogmas Day 16.

Number three in my Christmas Gift Guide is for partners. I've included a section for both girlfriends and boyfriends, despite the majority of my readers being girls. I do think the girlfriend one might just give you some ideas for your own Christmas list though! The girlfriend one is definitely a bit more on the pricey side, but I just couldn't help myself. 


1. A Bag or a Pair of Shoes: Every girl has their eyes on a specific pair of shoes or a bag. Every boyfriend should know this, if they've been paying close attention that is. Believe me, there will have been a few not so subtle hints here and there. I've had my eye on a Michael Kors bag for a while now...
2. A Watch: Again, just like a bag or a pair of shoes, most girls also have their eyes on a watch, probably a Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors one. I'm not fussy, I'll take either [Joke (Kind of)].
3. A Weekend Away: Whether it be to New York, Paris or a twenty minute trip down the road, us girls like a bit of spontaneity (Though preferably one of the first two). This type of present can be quite expensive, so maybe other presents can include hints and clues; guidebooks, a scarf if you're going somewhere cold, a dictionary, etc.
4. A Notebook: Though I don't make a lot of lists and, when I do, they tend to me on my phone, there's nothing quite like a new notebook. I have loads of them, all piled up on my bookshelf, but that doesn't mean I don't quite fancy a few more. The one I've included above is from Liberty.
5. Perfume: Every girl has their own signature perfume, but perfume can be expensive so this makes a nice touch. Sephora have great deals on at the moment and have a vast range of rollerball perfumes. I'd particularly like this Elizabeth and James Nirvana Mini Rollerball Set.
6. A Polaroid Camera: These are actually cheaper than I expected. They're great for documenting memories and will look great stuck up on your wall.
7. Concert Tickets: This is a win-win situation, as you can buy both yourself and your girlfriend a ticket and have a great night out. Unless you have complete opposite music tastes of course... I'm sure we've all witnessed a couple at a concert, with the female jumping around and screaming, whilst the male sits down, looking like he'd like to be swallowed up.
8. Baking Equipment: I'm obsessed with baking, I'm just not allowed to touch any of my Mam's stuff, due to her thinking I'll break it, burn it, smash it, etc. so some baking stuff would be great. Hm, maybe a cookbook wouldn't go amiss too...


1. A Netflix Subscription: I also included this in the brother section of my Christmas Gift Guide for Siblings. This is perfect for cosy nights in - you can even start a new series together and, this way, no one gets to hog the remote.
2. A Go-Pro: Similar to the underwater camera also included in my Christmas Gift Guide for Siblings, but I like this is better (and more expensive). This would be a great way to document all your adventures and your boyfriend will no doubt of worlds of fun with it.
3. Aftershave: Pamper sets aren't just for girls! I've noticed men are getting more and more into the whole 'skincare routine', and I'm clearly not the only one to have noticed. Brands such as Hugo Boss are doing great sets of shower gel, aftershave and moisturiser. 
4. A Man Bag: I think it's time men stopped making us feel so inadequate by fitting other than the kitchen sink into their back-pockets and bought them a man bag. There's a great range around at the minute, both highstreet and high-end. Though I think a slightly cheaper one than the one I've included could be on the cards...
5. A Bike: Cycling has become such a big thing since the 2012 London Olympics, and something tells me it's only going to continue to get bigger. A bike is an investment, and your boyfriend will no doubt have tonnes of fun on it. If you think your boyfriend will enjoy this, I'd get thinking of some excuses of why you don't quite fancy joining him on a couples bikeride. 
6. A Daniel Wellington Watch: I'm a massive fan of this brand and actually wouldn't mind one myself! They offer a great range, all for great prices. 
7. A Toblerone: Because Christmas just isn't Christmas without a Toblerone. 
8. Converse: You can't go wrong with Converse. I think everyone I know, both male and female, has a pair. They're a great gift as it doesn't tend to matter if you have thin or wide fit, chances are, they're going to fit you.

And that's it! Have I missed anything?
What do you plan on getting your partner?
Let me know in the comments below!