Saturday, 13 December 2014

Style Crush Saturday #12 - Blogmas Day 12.

Can you believe we're now almost half way through December?! HELLO, CHRISTMAS. Yes, just in case you couldn't tell, I am very excited for Christmas and it is probably my favourite time of year. Of course, with the middle of December comes my final Style Crush Saturday post. Can you believe how quickly the four months since I started these features have passed?! This is the final SCS but there are few of the other features left so be sure to look out for them. Oh, and I have definitely saved the best 'til last when it comes to this weeks SCS... Enjoy! 

This week's pick is Emma Stone, also known as one of my favourite people on this planet. No, I don't know here in real life but I really don't care. She cried when she spoke to one the Spice Girls, is amazing at karaoke (we all know the video I'm talking about) and is an all round amazing person. Not to mention the fact that she is an amazing actress, works for lots of charities and also has a rather gorgeous boyfriend. No, but in all seriousness, I'm not sure who I love more; her or Andrew Garfield. All this without even mentioning her style?! Yes, she really is that cool and I am more than a little bit jealous.

I've always loved her style but she really shone on the recent press tour for The Amazing Spiderman 2. Not only did herself and Andrew COORDINATE their outfits, which I'm not sure if that makes makes me want to cry at how cute it is or barf how at cute it is, she also managed to wear a completely normal outfit all whilst respecting other countries, as well as incorporating pieces from said cultures. Amazing. I'm sure this won't be the last you see of Emma on my blog.

Here are some of my favourite looks: 
(Believe me, it was hard to pick!)

What do you think of Emma's style? Are you a fan?
I hope you enjoyed this post but, most of all, I hope you enjoyed this feature. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments!!!